How long does it take to get a quote? 

Just 10 minutes of your time at our workshop while we take insurer approved images and for Kyle to explain how and why repairs will be carried out. You will then receive a detailed quote via email within one to two working days.

How much will my repairs cost?

Prices differ a lot depending on the size of your car, the colour; metallic, solid or pearl. The repairs that need to be carried out before repainting which could include dents or rust. For more information, please click here  to learn more about the type of jobs or please click here to get your free detailed quote.

Do you provide a courtesy car?

Courtesy vehicles can be supplied whether you are or are not at fault from your accident. Including private jobs. Be sure to indicate at the time of your quote if you require a courtesy vehicle during the time of your repairs.  

How long will my repairs take?

Pending on the size of the job, eg. paint a flare, you could have your repairs completed in the same or following week. For larger repairs within two-three weeks pending on part availability if required.


How Busy Are We? 

We are always busy, however that is sign of quality work, happy customers and good business. Repairs can be booked in depending on the size of the job within the same or following weeks. If you require a courtesy car, we will work on timing the work with car availability for you too. 

Do you work with all insurance providers?

We work with all insurers, but we don’t work for the insurer we work for YOU the customer.

Through many years’ experience in working with insurers and recent legislation changes we have made a very informed choice to not align with any of the insurers. At Williams Bodyworks Smash Repairs we understand the importance of your car in day to day activity and for everyday working needs. This is why we pride ourselves in working for you the customer, rather than for the insurer you have a policy with.  We will provide you with the highest quality repairs to manufacturing specifications in the most efficient time frame possible.  Safety, and time without your car, are our number one priority and we will do everything we can to ensure your experience with us is positive. For more information on insurance, please click here.



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